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Currently SEO-WATCH provides the most flexible hosting solutions for your site with a wide range of affordable solutions and packages which will increase traffic to your website.

Shared Hosting
All shared hosting plans come with an 3 character search option for MySQL to satisfy the requirements of customers that have names and items in their database with only three letters. If you find it necessary, you can block a complete country from accessing your website by implementing the call to the GEO-IP module into your .htaccess file, which is installed and available for each package....
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SEO Hosting
SEO-WATCH provides SEO friendly hosting with 99.9% uptime. Your site will be on Intel Xeon 3360 servers, Quad Core server with 8MB Ram for fast response time and unlimited dedicated IPs. Dedicated IP addresses are charged $3 USD per month. SEO-WATCH control panel is one of the most SEO friendly hosting service in the industry, and has over 52 scripts that can be installed with a click of the mouse...
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Dedicated Servers
All dedicated servers SEO-WATCH provides come with our 24 hour reliable support and our servers have a 99.9% uptime, located in USA, Texas. A dedicated server will make your website load faster by 50% and is a powerful tool regarding SEO for your online business...
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