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To understand the guidelines of the meta name tags is most important for optimization of your website. Meta names play a major roll to rank well in search engines. The content and title tag is the most important factor when optimizing your website.. We try to cover all these different requirements, which is because of its diversity not easy.

There are so many different meta tag names and in fact most of them are not even used, as we can see when we check out the web pages on the Internet. In this section we will give you some input what they can do and how they can help us in ranking.

The most important is that your keyword which you want to rank for or search term is located inside your title tag. Best practice is, to place them in front of the title section, so the crawlers will spot them first. The position is not very important and you should play around with it to see what it does in search engines. Don't repeat the same keywords over and over again, this only will put your ranking down, keep it in balance with what the search engine will find in your content of the specific page.

You can also fill in the » Meta Name Description Tag in the head of your HTML code. Write here a short description of the web page related to its content on the page. Fill in for each page its very own description and title. Note that the description tag is not necessary and optional as search engines will extract a snipped of text automatically which will be displayed under your listing.

Abstract tag is similar as the description tag and not need to be added.

The keyword tag is of no importance at all, basically this tag is dead. All search engines ignore this tag because of massive spamming in the past. Not need to add it to your site, it's just a line of extra code which is useless.

How does a < Meta Name =" or tag look like?

  • <meta name="description" content=" " />
  • <meta name="abstract" content=" " />
  • <meta name="keywords" content=" " />
  • <meta name="revisit-after" content="7 days" />
  • <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

Another tag is the "revisit-after", this belongs to the family of robot texts (revisit after 7 days) this tags is not recognized by bots and spiders. Adding them to your head content doesn't seem to help as crawlers come to your site automatically, the more you update the site the more frequently they will visit the site. Place the newest content with a link from your home page to make Google spot it easily and index those pages faster.

"Robots" content="index, follow" /> is another useless tag and not need to add this one either. Reason is simple, search engines will follow your site anyway you not need to tell them to do so. It would only make sense to block them for certain pages and use a "noindex, nofollow" for that page.

These are just a few examples, there are additional tags you can use, which are discussed in the following pages. Being always on top of new developments and changes is most important to achieve best results.

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