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A Google Adwords advertising campaign is a great way to immediately drive qualified traffic to your site. Our Adwords consultants can get you started. If you have a new website that has no ranking yet or if your looking for some extra visitors Google Adwords is a great tool to drive qualified traffic to your site. With our pay per click management services, we manage all aspects of your advertising campaign.

Google's Bid Prices
Ads are positioned based on bid prices for targeted keywords and phrases. Prices can range from $0,30 cents until $6.00 USD per click but it really depends how competitive your industry is and how much of your competitors have already bid on keywords that's why prices change every day.

What We Require
We require that you either have your own Google Adwords account, or we will set one up for you. If we set it up you will receive an e-mail from us with login details to your Adwords account, you have to follow the payment instructions displayed on the Google screen and pay with your credit card for the click charges. If you prefer that we also handle this process, then we need a deposit for your Google Adwords campaign.

Costs For Adwords Consultancy Services And Starter Prices
There is a one time setup fee of $350 USD depending on the amount of keywords and up to 6 individual ads running in Google's search results or Google network, this includes management of your advertising campaign for one month.

The service fee we stated above depends on the amount of keywords you would like to use for your ads and is up to a budget of $2,500 USD per month. We advice you to » Contact SEO-WATCH for detailed information on Google Adwords and solutions we provide.

Every new Adwords account which is setup by SEO-WATCH receives $100 USD free into their Google Adwords account!

What We Do For The Setup And Management
Setup includes a deep investigation of your keywords and phrases to make sure that we only use the best keywords for your advertisement in Google. Choosing the wrong keyword or phrase will hinder the ability to drive qualified traffic and leads to your web site. These are therefore critical components for effective pay per click advertising. We can trigger your ads in the following languages English, German, Dutch and Thai. The price above does not include, building extra landing pages, as this could be very important depending on the structure of your web site and to which pages you direct the visitors.

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