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Search engine optimization is one of the most crucial parts of internet marketing and requires a strategic approach. For this reason it is necessary to analyze the current status of your website first and then improve it, to make it possible for search engines to index each page of your site and then assign to it a ranking position in the search engine result pages which does benefit your business and company.

If none of all the pages of your site is listed, search engine optimization will resolve this issue. The goal of SEO is to achieve listing on the first three upcoming pages of the search results, when a user is searching for products or services your company offers. Search engine optimization will help to boost the traffic and will get your business going. Being at home in international markets and being successful in promoting various industries that operate in highly competitive markets, SEO-WATCH has proven to increase traffic dramatically and to achieve outstanding results for website owners, even for your inner product pages you would like to get out in the open.

Keyword Research
When choosing SEO-WATCH to handle your SEO marketing campaign SEO-WATCH will start a keyword research and discuss with the client which keywords should be used and optimized for search engines. Another option is to test the keywords first via Google Adwords and choose only those keywords which really lead to conversions, inquiries and sales. The methods which will be chosen really depends on your budget you like to spend on online marketing activities.

Onsite Optimization
We will start with optimization of your HTML code which is necessary to increase ranking of your website. Basically onsite optimization includes optimization of title tags, html code and adding keywords to content. When your content is not unique or not targeted enough it needs to be rewritten or newly created but is not included in our optimization services.

Link Building
Back links will play a major role to achieve top rankings in search engines. Therefore are different linking strategies which SEO-WATCH uses to create back links for your website. Links are created through directory submissions, article and press releases and other natural strategies which creates quality links for your site. Link building is an ongoing process and requires time and patience. Notice that there are no quick solutions when conducting SEO marketing for your site.

Google Maps Optimization
Currently SEO-WATCH provides Google Maps registration and optimization service. Registration is already included in some of our SEO packages, optimization needs to be requested and will be customized and charged additionally based on the keywords you would like the website to be ranked. Google Maps gives great exposure when users search for local services, stores or shops online. Most of the time these results will rank on top of normal search results which makes it very attractive to have your website on display for certain terms.

Product And Shopping Search
Currently SEO-WATCH provides optimization for online stores and products which are displayed on eBay, Yahoo! Shopping and Google product search. Basically SEO-WATCH will optimize products to let them rank high in the product search itself. This means when a user visits eBay and types a keyword into the search box your product needs to be displayed in the first 3 pages on eBay for example. We recommend large and medium online shops to optimize their items for product searches and list them there to create more exposure and sales via those websites.

Video Optimization And Search
Video marketing is a very popular theme and more and more people start to use this feature YouTube is getting huge. That's why SEO-WATCH started to provide SEO for videos which are displayed on YouTube and other video related websites. Basically client has to provide us with the video or we will produce one which we will upload to a popular video site with an optimized title tag. We will proceed to create natural one way links to this page where the video is placed. As a result the video will rank high when a user types a keyword into the search box on the video site and additionally the page will also achieve better ranking for other keywords in search engines.

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