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Internet marketing projects that are successful to up to today, are listed below. Posting of all our projects is out of confidentiality reasons not possible.

SEO For Banco Trasatlantico Ltd
Banco Trasatlantico Ltd

Banco Trasatlantico is an offshore bank which provides financial services located in Panama. Major services which SEO-WATCH has provided is link building, onsite opimization, SEO consulting and online marketing strategy to create a strong online presence for their bank. SEO-WATCH was able to achieve the results and increased traffic by 300 percent for their website ...

SEO For OID Limited
OID Limited

OID active in the financial sector has now hired SEO-WATCH for a web site design with more focus on a professional internet presence. It is necessary to create a more sales driven concept and improve the information architecture of the current content. Highly optimized and with the targeted and very competitive keywords in the search results, and also page 1 ranking, the conversions of visitors to customers were above their expectations ...

SEO For Griffon Bank
Griffon Bank Limited

The highly competitive environment in which Griffon operates, private offshore banks, was and stays a challenge. Our content seo client for years climbed up to hold page 1 positions, as long as they are with us. SEO includes article writing, publishing and building one way links for the site. At start we also worked at the web site to improve search engine indexing ...

SEO For Nippon Express
Nippon Express (Hi-Tech Nittsu Thailand Co.,Ltd.)

The SEO department was part of the team to build the website, optimized for search engines, for Nippon Express Thailand (Global Logistics). This gave this website a good head start to be listed with natural keywords that had less competition in Google, Yahoo and Bing...

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