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View a selection of successful marketing projects we have accomplished in the past and present. We do not publish all of the projects we did or work on because of confidential and other reasons.

Projects which are associated with business are companies, enterprises, and firms which benefit from the services of SEO-WATCH. We provide full case studies for every SEO project with detailed information about their ranking SEO-WATCH has achieved...
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In the shopping section you will find projects which are related to shopping online. A selection of shops and online stores which have used and still use the SEO service of SEO-WATCH. Achieving first page positions for targeted keywords in a highly competitive environment requires a sound understanding of how the industry works. Sales and conversion rates went up in all cases...
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The travel industry is in need of professional marketing consultants which have a grip on the complex matter to bring a travel business to success and drive quality visitors to their web site which lead to conversions. SEO-WATCH has supported several major online travel portals, hotel booking sites and local hotels with expert knowledge to achieve remarkable improvements in bookings...
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