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SEO-WATCH was founded September 2004 by Visual Orange Co., Ltd. as the ranking progress of the two websites and was so successful that this service proved also to be very beneficial for our clients.

Adding SEO as an additional service to the service offerings of Visual Orange, completed the package of services provided and made the company to an one stop SEO, online marketing, branding, web design & development company.

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We are part of the top search engine marketing professionals of Southeast Asia. With our in depth knowledge we put you in the best places of all the search engines. This is of major importance to many corporate and small companies around the world to effectively boost business.

We believe to achieve good ranking should not involve to spam the search engines. We know that clients do not like surprises. Clients want solutions and options, not just, “No, it can’t be done". Clients want assigned tasks done right and done quickly. They do not have endless patience or bottomless pockets. Clients have fixed budgets for web optimization fees and advertising expenses.

The practice of search engine optimization is based on good and clean coding of web pages and knowledge of the inns and outs of the search engines your website will be included in. As SEO professionals, our interests are dedicated to understand and analyze the rules of all search engines and their guidelines. This is why we follow their guidelines, developed in our office, to achieve better ranking for your website.

See Our Most Important Staff Below

SEO Consultant

Bill is our Senior SEO and Google Adwords expert, he looks after all the SEM and web marketing campaigns for our company and optimization of websites for Yahoo, Google and Bing are his great passion. He also manages all Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and develops Internet marketing strategies for SEO-WATCH clients. Bill has over 6 years of experience in the SEO world and if you compare budget and results, his results will be hard to top. He is a hands on person that gets started quickly and a fast-paced worker that you can trust to create a powerful search engine marketing campaign and online strategy for your company to generate traffic and to boost sales.

Marketing And Online Reputation Manager

She is our Internet marketing specialist and online reputation manager she handles everything what has to do with advertising and reputation management for SEO-WATCH clients. This includes banner placements, text link purchases (example Yahoo directory), forum posting, blog comments, blog posting and online article publishing, Sutida knows the ins and outs where to buy what and what to do where and where to place it. She has been working for our company 5 years now and has supported us to succeed various projects to success with first page rankings and outstanding performance.

Web Designer

She is originally from Germany and specialized in branding, how to translate internal processes of our clients into efficient web applications and she is a true expert in information architecture. Doris manages the development of high quality search engine friendly websites and supervises the optimization of the CSS style sheets, xhtml, dhtml templates as well as PHP or ASP programming of the sites we get in for SEO. Faster loading time and fine tuning of tags to improve ranking in search engines based on her specific developed guidelines achieve great results. All projects which are managed by Doris are truly a success.


Starting as a promising whiz kid he grew into the role of an expert, as PHP/Ajax programming has no secrets for this young man. Creating functionality for websites and web based applications that serve our clients can be complicated and challenging, yet are mastered when left to him. From developing a custom module or reprogramming your complete website to make it more search engine friendly, faster and more efficient is his field of expertise. Yarick works with top standards and has high demands what he expects from himself to deliver. He is up to date about the latest technologies and trends online. Working with him is an exciting experience and a pleasure as "This cannot be done" simply does not exist in his vocabulary.

SEO Copywriter And Directory Submissions

Our English copywriter he can write custom articles based on your industry or creates unique content for your site. He is also a professional directory submitter and knows exactly which titles and description to create when submitting your website to search engines or directories. Suprapol has been writing and submitting for three years now and is a valuable team member in our company.

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