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These special commands can help you when doing search engine optimization specifically for Google. Typically these commands modify the search results in some way or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search, for example "link:" is a special Google command, and the query will only show websites that will link to your site.
Doesn't do a normal search but instead finds web pages that have links that point to This is an very use full Google command for optimization companies that do link building.

There are several other Google commands you can use for SEO. Below we have created a list of all the special SEO Google commands that Google supports. Search Engine Optimization
If you include other words or phrases in the query, Google will highlight those words within the cached document. For instance, Search Engine Optimization will show the cached content with the word or phrase "Search Engine Optimization" highlighted.

This functionality is also available by clicking on the "Cached" link on Google's main search results pages, some SEO companies protect them self by placing Google robot text inside the <head> of the html code to not display the cached web page or content in Google's search results.

This special html tag look like this <META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="NOARCHIVE"/> try it and put it inside the <head> of your index page and you will notice that Google will not cache your index page anymore.

The command [cache:] will show the version of the web page that Google has in its cache after the crawler visited your site. For instance, will show Google's cache of the Visual homepage. Remember there can be no space between the "cache:" and the web page or domain url.

The cache command is very handy for people who do SEO, you can compare web sites and after the research you can make adjustments to the content or text. Just try it with your own web site!
When you include site: in your search, Google will give the results of all the pages from the given domain. Example,
will find all the indexed pages from Remember there can be no space between the "site:" and the domain.

This Google command is very helpful if you update your site and would like to know which one of the new pages is indexed by Google and which aren't..
The Google command [related:] will list web pages that are "similar" to a specified web page. For instance,
will list web pages that are similar to the SEO-WATCH homepage. Remember there can be no space between the "related:" and the web page url or domain.

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